Permit to Work Systems: A Quick Guide


A permit to work is necessary when a worker is going to be engaged in high risk work activities. This permit will authorize and control these activities. If a worker receives a permit to work it assumes that he understands, has identified, documented and reviewed all hazards, control measures, procedures, and general safe requirements of the job at hand. Below are the different types of permits to work issued in high risk work activities.

You need a contractor management system for this. Hot work is a work that can results in fires of explosions. Such work include welding, torch cutting, using spark producing tools like grinders, power tools like drills, and the use of explosives. If a worker will be involved in these types of activities then there is a need to get a hot work permit.

Cold work, on the other hand, includes work done in equipment of plant components that are under pressure or highly energized. For example there is mechanical energy, plant components that are at extreme hot or cold temperatures, general construction, pressure vessel or tank jobs, working underneath power lines, plant components that have hazardous materials, etc. For these types of jobs, a cold work permit is required. Read more about us here .

Confined space entry work permit is needed for work done in confined or partially confined spaces whose access is restricted. These spaces can become hazardous to personnel due to its design, construction and gas contents of the air in the confined space.

Confined space work include work in open and closed tanks, vessels, towers, furnaces, sewers, dry wells, ventilation, etc. the nature of these spaces are hazardous to human life. That is why there is a need for confined space entry work permit for these types of jobs.

Electrical work permit are needed if a worker's tool will come in contact with electrically energized circuits greater than 120 v. if procedures are not properly followed electricity and electric work can become dangerous work. That is why there is a need for electrical work permits for work on electrically energized circuits above 120v.

The confined space entry work permit is used when heavy equipment will need to enter areas where there are hazards. Heavy equipment can include cranes, loaders or back hoes. The potential dangers include volatile gas releases which can cause serious accidents when the vehicle enters the area. When a permit is issued, it means that all precautions have been taken to reduce risk.